• L. M. Spіvak National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
  • L. P. Shevchenko National Pedagogical Dragomanov University
Keywords: identity, pupil of senior classes, student, professional higher education institutions, higher education institutions, young age


A young age is sensitive to the development of identity, due to the needs of its representatives in personalities, professional and social self-determination. Identity determines the integrity and awareness of a person’s personal and group aspects of this education. The purpose of the article is to reveal the modern perspective of theoretical and empirical study of identity features in a young age. It is theoretically established that at a young age identity acquires greater integrity and awareness. At this age, personal, professional and social identity is intensively developing. Pupils of senior classes of general secondary education institutions and students of institutions of professional higher and higher education more consciously determine their own physical, moral and mental qualities, which testify to the development of their personal identity. High school students are able to consciously choose a future profession; students acquire professional competencies, which indicate the development of their professional identity. High school and university students are able to consciously define themselves as a representative of a certain social group, which testifies to their social identity. The peculiarities of the professional identity of students of higher and professional higher education institutions who acquire a specialty related to human health have been empirically studied. Namely, future teachers of biology and human health and future nurses. The empirical study, which was conducted in 2019-2020, involved students of higher and professional higher education in Kyiv. Statistically significant differences in the quantitative data of the subjects of one age range – first and second year students of pedagogical universities and second and third year students of medical colleges. In particular, it was found that quantitative data on the relevance and significance of professional identity are significantly higher for college students compared to university students. The identified differences are explained by the unequal duration of their professional training, in particular practical, and therefore different intensity of professional identification.


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